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That Time I Flew to Another Country to See Star Wars

Due to some issues at work, last weekend was the last weekend I could leave Burundi for a long while. If I was going to see Star Wars in the theaters, it was now or never. Although I've mentioned it previously, I want to restate that I'm not some crazy Star Wars fanatic (although some people at work think so now, after my multiple attempts to cross international borders to see it). I was just really inspired by the trailer.

When I found out that my friend Zach from grad school was going to be passing through Nairobi, I knew I had to pull the trigger. I cashed in an unused Rwandair ticket to make the trip more financially justifiable and hitched a Saturday morning flight to Kenya.

Nairobi traffic is crazy, so although my flight from Burundi to Kenya was only 1.5 hours, my drive from Jomo Kenyatta Airport to the movie theater took 2 hours. With 15 minutes until the movie started and traffic at a standstill, I got out of my taxi and walked the remaining 400 meters to the theater, duffle bag slung over my shoulder.

The inside of Century Cinemax Theaters in Nairobi felt like walking into a movie theater in the United States, although I guess moviegoing experiences are pretty standard worldwide. Apparently part of that experience now involves 3-D glasses. I'm obviously starting to get behinds the times! Anyway, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was wonderful! The movie gave me all the feels and told a compelling story while still being fantastic enough to force me to suspend my disbelief. And John Williams is the man. Again.

I was joined by Zach and our good buddy Marcus, who lives two blocks from the theater. After the movie we caught up over beers, inquiring about jobs and old friends and maybe speculating just a bit over some of the finer mysteries of a galxay far, far away...

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