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Bryan and Hannah's Barcelona

Our favorite sites to visit, eat and play in Barcelona, Spain! We've sorted our recommendations based on the different types of people who visit us, although you're obviously welcome to mix and match. See the legend below the map.

To get started, click on an icon or a nighborhood, or click the           sign in the top left corner of the map to show our recommendations sorted by visitor type. If you're viewing this site on a mobile phone, the map will display a lot better in the Google Maps App!

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Type A Visitors - Is this your first time to Spain? Do you want to make sure you don't go home without seeing some of the must-see sites? It doesn't bother you too much if something is "touristy"? You're a Type A visitor. You're about to see some amazing stuff.

Type B Visitors - You've traveled a good amount (especially in Europe) and you're over gothic cathedrals and seeing sunburnt British people. You want to experience some authentic Barcelona food and culture. Our off-the-beaten path recommendations are for you!

Type C Visitors - You're not a tourist. You've been to Barcelona/Spain before. You have good Spanish and/or want to experience Barcelona as a major international city, not a tourist destination. You want to get out into the Catalan countryside! We have some favorites we think you might like...

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