Sunny Embassy Romp!

So this weekend my college roommate Matt and two other college friends Jill and Lori came down from New York to visit me. How cool is that?

Totally independently, another old roommate from Nacho House days, great friend and overall good guy Buster was taking a cross country roadtrip that happened to end up in DC this weekend as well.

This weekend was also the weekend that the European Union decided to get all hospitable on my city and open up all of its embassies for tours, events and swag. A bunch of DC friends, including the SAIS mini-mafia and my friend Jimmy were planning on hitting up the embassies.

Matt, Lori, Jill and I walked to the Bulgarian embassy first. The Bulgarians didn't have any free stuff, but they did have a giant exhibit about how they didn't really help perpetrate the Holocaust.

Outside, we saw the SAISers and we decided to meet up later at the Belgian embassy (they apparently had beer).

In search of free stuff, we bee-lined toward the Irish Embassy, which was giving out free reusable cloth bags and refreshments. After a Disneyland-esque wait, we got our free bags and decided to pass up the line inside the embassy for food.

On our way up embassy row to the Belgian embassy, we passed the British embassy. In front of the embassy they had a live band playing covers of British rock songs. Right as we passed, they broke out in a pretty sweet rendition of Free's All Right Now, so we had to stop and dance, obviously. No one else was dancing or singing along. Just staring at us.

Finally arriving at the Belgian embassy, we realized it was were we should have been the whole day. The long line was periodically interrupted with different booths handing our Belgian waffle cones, chocolate, juice and other tasties. At the end of the line was a giant table with 3 or 4 different types of Belgian beer in little cups. We each took a few and sat out on the lawn of the embassy in the warm DC sun and enjoyed the heck out of life.

On the way back we decided to have an impromptu bbq at my house, so the college kids and half of the SAISers came back to my house after stopping to buy some meat for aBBQ...

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