Seriously, I thought this stuff only happened on TV...

When my parents and I arrived at Eileen and Cole's wedding, we realized that what we thought was the wedding site was actually the reception site. The room, which had a big picture of the couple for people to sign, was empty and the ceremony was only 30 minutes away. We asked the wedding planner where the actual ceremony was, and she told us it was on the beach across the street.

On our way to the beach, we picked up two elderly ladies also on their way to Eileen and Cole's wedding, as well as a girl my age who probably didn't want to walk to the beach in high heels. We arrived at the ceremony and sat down. I was kind of surprised how few empty seats remained, considering there was still a good 20 minutes until the listed start time. The two elderly ladies were escorted to some seats in the very front, so I figured they were family.

It was a really pretty set-up - right on the beach with the audience facing the waves and a guitar/harp duo playing some beautiful music while we waited for things to start. I snuck a glance at the nearby beachhouse where I could be tasty hors d'vours waiting to be eaten. While we were sitting (I had to sit in a different row than my parents because of a lack of free chairs), the wedding officiant came up and talked about how this was to be a Jewish wedding and described some of the customs that went along with this. This perked my interest as I didn't know that Eileen was marrying a Jewish guy. I was about to tweet about being excited to do the Hora when the music changed and the bridal party emerged.

The second I saw the maid of honor I knew. I turned to my Dad, who was looking at me from a row up and mouthed "WRONG WEDDING!" my eyes wide with fear. I turned and looked at the girl behind me who also thought she had been at Eileen and Cole's wedding and we shared a look that said, "We have to leave, but here comes the bride! How can we? We need to leave!"

My parents, sneaky as they are, had sat in the far aisle, so they had already slipped out. The girl and I took advantage of everyone standing up for the bride to climb over two rows and make a quiet and only semi-rude exit. The poor old ladies just sat in the front row, enjoying the show, taking pictures and getting bad looks from the bride's mother.

We eventually all made it out and got to the right ceremony with more than enough time to spare, but wow. I don't even know if I learned anything from this, but it makes for a good story.

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