Welp, I Caught COVID-19

On March 27, Hannah and I took oropharygeal and nasopharygeal swabs for a covid-19 test. We both understand how priviledged we are to have access to tests in a country were tests are so rationed that people without symptoms and even younger people with very obvious symptoms are being told they won't be tested.

On the night of the 28th, I received a call from the Embassy doctor. My results were in and I had tested positive. What was more, Hannah had tested negative! We received guidance that I was to completely isolate myself from Hannah and Lucia so as not to infect them. So, on Sunday, March 29, I went from an already restrictive police-enforced lockdown to a medically ordered timeout in my bedroom. I only exit twice a day in a mask and gloves to make food to bring back and eat in my room.

I'm mostly worried about the challenge for Hannah. She'll have to be a single mom this week and maybe next, and do all the cooking, cleaning and dog-walking that I had been doing. However, we've made the best of it and Hannah has been extremely patient, courageous, and understanding. Now I'm just like any other relative, viewing videos of Lucia on my phone and videochatting while her patience holds up.

Symptoms? I don't have any. No fever, headache, nothing. Here's to a strong immune system!

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