Welcome Home! Now Self-Quarantine.

Our first two weeks in America could have been like our last few months in Spain. The Department of Homeland Security mandates a two-week quarantine for travelers arriving from Europe, so we could have spent those fourteen days sequestered in our little basement apartment.

Fortunately for us, I wasn't working and our living situation made our quarantine time more enjoyable than it was in Spain. Tom and Ines were gracious enough to let us use their basement apartment and we spent hours playing, dining and relaxing in their beautiful garden and terrace. Finally, Hannah's small hometown is a really pretty place to take walks.

Tom and Ines were chomping at the bit to finally hold their granddaughter after the two weeks were up.

The fourteen days went by both quickly and very slowly, but we won't have bad memories of our less-than-warm welcome back to America.

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