Wedding #5

Shafts of sunlight shone down through the redwoods. For a moment, birds stopped their chatter. Men wept. Even the little ants crawling along the forest stopped in a moment of reverence as two souls, perfect for each other in each way became one in the eyes of the State of California.

Kids, do you want this perfect wedding moment? Talk to my friend Veronica who constructed the most beautiful moment of marriage you could construct without a billowing John Williams score and a full movie production team.

Last week, I attended the wedding of two of my good friends, Dylan and Veronica. Dylan and I played lacrosse at Stanford together, Veronica and I were classmates, and the both of them lived my co-op Chi Theta Chi. These two have been in love for a long time in a type of relationship that everyone envies for its naturalness. It was only fitting for the two of them to get married in a perfect splendorous blast of awesomeness.

Their ceremony was in this awesome redwood grove in Woodside, CA and included some really cool, meaningful stuff including a multi-lingual reading (now that I think about it, Victor and Cady did something similar... three-cheers for weddings in Spanish!) and a sand-mingling ceremony. After the ceremony, we had a delicious dinner and then we got our dance on. It was really great to see Dylan and Veronica, as well as our eclectic range of mutual friends, from tour-guides and lacrosse guys to the co-op community.

Have you ever been to a black-tie wedding with an 8-piece funk band? If you have not, you have never lived, my friend.

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