Wedding #3

As we enter prime marriage season, the weddings are starting to pick up. Last weekend, my cousin Derek (who is only a year older than me - scary!) got married to his girlfriend -> fiancee -> wife Lindsay.

The wedding ceremony and reception were both in the beautiful Leo Carillo Park, which kind of had a rancho, old west feel. Peacocks roamed the grounds freely (and the kids at the wedding tormented the hell out of them) which meant that they were also a part of the ceremony. The wedding vows were interrupted multiple times by screeching that was reminiscent of Jurassic Park.

The reception was great because I had a chance to hang out with my sisters. They stuck the cousins at the table closest to the wedding DJ, who was appropriately titled "DJ JAMZ." DJ Jamz played a ton of slow jams that either reminded me of middle school dances or were explicit enough to make me feel uncomfortable at a family wedding. Derek and Lindsay were awesome and I really wish them all the best. The wedding was sweetness.

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