Wedding #2

On my way home from Washington DC, I had a planned layover weekend in Arizona for a weekend of friends. Two good friends from college, Clare and Bryan (not me) were getting married in Tuscon with all the guests staying at a Ritz-Carlton. For a poor, semi-jobless twentysomething, between this and the opera ball the weekend before, I haven't been doing too badly!

The wedding was super great for a couple of reasons:

My first night in Arizona before I drove to Tuscon (I flew into Phoenix) I got to hang out with my friends Lori and Schmoopy and we had ourselves a blast.

A bunch of college friends I hadn't seen for a while all came and we got to hang out in a pretty luxurious setting, chilling by a pool under the hot Arizona sun.

I got to play a bit of music for the wedding ceremony. We put together a little brass quartet and played some qurtet arrangements while the wedding party came down the aisle (as well as a pretty sweet classical-ish arrangement of 'All Right Now' arranged by our friend Buster for the recessional).

Bryan and Clare had a super-awesome wedding. It was the perfect mix of great food, awesome family, new friends and some pretty humorous romance. Their first dance as a married couple was Styx's 'Come Sail Away' which will forever be a sentimental song to me now. How that is possible, I have no idea. It's about aliens.

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