Wedding #1

Last weekend I flew into San Diego for the first of many weddings that I'll be attending this year. I wasn't really expecting it, but I guess this'll be my big wedding year.

My string of weddings started off with a really amazing one - that of my cousin Brandon and his longtime girlfriend Kacie. Our family has known Kacie and her family for a long time through the San Diego Buddhist Temple, which just so happened to be where the ceremony took place.

I was asked to be an usher for the wedding, so Saturday afternoon, I participated in the wedding rehearsal. I escorted my imaginary grandma in her imaginary wheelchair to get practice for the real thing.

The wedding on Sunday was beautiful. Kacie came out to this awesome acoustic guitar rendition of Man in the Mirror. There were a lot of traditional Japanese elements to the wedding as well, including a tea sharing ceremony and the fact that is was presided over by the Sensei (reverend) of our temple.

Then came the PARTY! My sisters and cousins had a great time at the reception despite the Chargers' playoff loss that afternoon and a smattering of rain. Those negatives were definitely drowned out by some awesome dancing (we even taught the wedding guests a "traditional" Japanese dance to the One Plus One Ondo), a free-flowing bar, a photo booth and of course celebrating Brandon and Kacie's love!

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