Washington National Opera Ball

Ok, ok. This happened a while ago so I'm back-dating the post. Usually if I take too long to write about something, I'll just not post, but THIS WAS SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS I'VE DONE IN DC.

My friend RuthAnn works for the Washington National Opera (heck of a job, isn't it?). Anyways, as her only friend who owned a tux, she asked if I'd be interested in accompanying one of her co-workers to their annual Opera Ball. Let's pause for a second. This is a 102% legit ball - like Cinderella style with receiving lines and rich people. If I told the whole story chronologically, this post would be way to long, so I'll just go with highlights.

My date, Jude: A beautiful, smart and funny girl who can shmooze and network like an aristocratic tornado. And she's French.

The Russian Embassy: The ball was hosted by the Russian Federation. As a friend of the staff, I helped check in VIPs and hangers-on at the front gate where I made friends with a big Russian security guy in a suit named Sergei. I'm pretty sure he had a gun. Inside the ball, they had guys dressed like some kind of Russian nobility with giant beards and they had a whole room that they turned into a woodland scene reminiscent of Peter and the Wolf.

The Wealth: This gig was straight money. Jude and I went up to the champagne bar and asked for some champagne. The response? "What kind? We have six." "Um, how about Dom Perignon?" Dom Perignon was no problem because they had a million bottles of it. Also caviar. Also ice sculptures of Russian bears, holding real handles of Russian vodka. At one point, we found ourselves standing outside the Russian Embassy doors smoking $25 cigars with a millionaire. He heard I was going to SAIS. "Oh SAIS? I used to be on their board. That was fun. Maybe I'll do it again. I AM SO RICH."

DC Celebrities: Washington celebrities are like Hollywood celebrities, except they have less plastic surgery. Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, John Roberts, Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki.

In summary. It was an amazing night. My hugest thanks to the amazing Jude who allowed me to be her date. We had a blast.

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