Waking Up to a Phrase

I woke up this morning with just a wisp of a song in my head. It's like when you want to remember a dream, but all you can remember is a green sock or a concept.

I spent the whole morning thinking about what the song could be while I was getting ready for work. All I could remember is that it had some kind of reverby bass line and a person with a weird voice singing. Finally, another thought popped into my head - I heard this song while sitting on the floor of a Santa Cruz co-op talking about music to some guy!

As I walked to work, I went over our conversation in my mind, reconstructing it. I finally came to the song through a long chain of other songs...

We had discovered that a Newton Faulkner song that I liked was actually a cover of the song from the theme of "House" called Teardrop.

The guy then shared another cover of "Teardrop" by Jose Gonzalez. We got to talking about Jose Gonzalez and how we both liked a song of his called "Heartbeats."

Turns out "Heatbeats" is also a cover. The original "Heartbeats" is by an electro-pop duo called The Knife. I YouTubed it on my iPhone as I was walking to work and was satisfied with the weird riff that had popped into my head while I was sleeping. I hadn't heard this song since we had talked about it until today.

You're welcome for some music.

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