Via Toffano House Tour

Welcome to my humble abode, Via Vicenzo Toffano, 5. Vincezo Toffano was a leader during the Italian Risorgimento and therefore national hero (kind of like a Patrick Henry figure). My house is located on the eastern side of Bologna, near Strada Maggiore, which has lots of awesome shops, restaurants and pizzerias.

I live with 5 other dudes that I met last spring: Ezra, David, Wil, Zach and Jake. Although my Italian teacher laments the fact that I live with 5 other Americans, I really appreciate the diverse perspectives they all bring to our house and the overall relaxed and fun atmosphere that we've created.

Our kitchen is one of the house's big selling points. I really like to cook and this kitchen has more than enough room to operate. The other guys like to cook to, so the kitchen has really become the main common area of our apartment. We've decided to have house dinners multiple nights a week and I'm really looking forward to 9 more months of amazing pasta (and other) dishes.

Although I showed up to Bologna second-to-last in the house, I somehow managed to get by far the awesomest room. I think the other guys didn't see the room's full size and potential, but I have an eye for turning spaces into great hang out spots. After a little rearranging (why do most adults insist on putting their beds in the middle of rooms? All you do is sleep in them), I am now the proud owner of an amazing lounge, complete with a couch and two chairs around a coffee table, more closet space than I've ever had in my life, and the house's secondary common area. We've already had a few fun nights just hanging out and chatting in my room.

Our house is very... Italian. The toilets flush with a chain that comes down from the ceiling. There's a contraption next to the main toilet that might be a bidet (it has hot and cold faucets), but might also be a urinal (it lacks a hose or any kind of bidet mechanism).

We also have a state-of-the-art Italian washing machine that we can't really use because the instructions are in very complicated Italian. We've managed a way to keep our clothes laundered by pressing random buttons, but avoiding the 12 hour wash cycle option is always a plus. Italians apparently aren't really into dryers so the house came with a ton of drying racks.

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