UNHCR Holiday Party

On Wednesday, our office threw a holiday party which doubled as a going-away party for our Deputy Regional Representative, Thomas. The party planners decked out the office in amazing lights and decorations, giving the whole floor a distinctive holiday cheer.

My job was to make a digital fireplace, which I feel I did really well. For those of you interested, I found an HD fireplace video on YouTube which seemed pretty great. I then downloaded Greasemonkey, a Firefox add-on, and downloaded two scripts: Loopy (which allowed for the YouTube video to infinitely loop) and another script that stopped this annoying ad from popping up within the video. Finally, I played the whole thing full screen on a big fat monitor near the bar - it felt like there was an actual fireplace!

At the party, I served as the bartender, and boy was I needed! We filled the office with about 100 guests: UNHCR staff and families, our partners at refugee resettlement agencies, and government partners at the Department for Homeland Security and the State Department. Between some delicious Thai food catering and the wine, beer and scotch I was doling out, I think people had a pretty good time.

My favorite office holiday decoration: Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres with Santa beards!

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