Torino Contra Peruggia

Last weekend I played in my first lacrosse game with the Bologna Sharks. Kind of. The thing is that the Bologna team doesn't have enough players to field a full team, so they generally team up with the Torino team to play games. So this Saturday, David and I were driven by Emanuele (our goalie) and Guilio (another dude on the team) 5 hours to Torino, where we suited up in the blue and yellow uniforms of Torino Lacrosse and played against the Peruggia squad.

I thought that with two Americans, our team was sure to win, but when we arrived, I discovered that Peruggia was headed by a 40-something Australian who had played some kind of semi-professional lacrosse in Australia. He had apparently played for the Italian national team last year, as had a bunch of other guys on the Peruggia team.

This one Australian dude aside (he scored 14 goals), we did pretty well for ourselves. David (who is a pretty amazing athelete) scored 7 goals, one of them a pretty awesome assist from yours truly. I scored a goal on a fast break, and would have had a second but I hit double pipes. I guess I'll have to pad my stats next game.

Overall the game was a ton of fun, and it was really great to play again, even though I got pretty tired by the end. The Italians overreacted every time they got hit and fell onto the ground writhing in pain, but I guess that's what they do in soccer too. There was also a pretty cool dude on the other team from Connecticut (or Vermont) who I got to face off against. We got to chat and make fun of the Italians during the game.

I don't know if I'll post on every game I play, but this is a pretty cool opportunity that I never imagined I'd have in Italy, so I wanted to at least share this one.

I haven't played all season like a lot of guys in the league, but as I play more games, I hope to continue to contribute to Torino Lacrosse and maybe get us to win a game or two. Am I going to be a tiny bit selfish in my next game to try to pad my stats? Probably.

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