The German Cliffs

An hour's drive down a dirt road off of National Route 7 is a sleepy town called Kihugu. It is here that we searched for the German Cliffs or Fault of the Germans (Faille des Alemmands). Being Burundi, there was only a small sign pointing to an even smaller road indicating that we had found this beautiful site. We pulled off and started walking toward a small stone gazebo, where we met a young Burundian student named Andre.

Andre offered to be our guide to the three dramatic gashes in the earth caused by tectonic forces and bearing the name of Burundi's first colonizer, the Germans.

 I couldn't say enough positive things about the German Cliffs. In my opinion this is hands-down, the most beautiful sight to see in Burundi. The largest has a a majestic waterfall plunging down into the depths, and the cracks in the plateau allow the viewer to look down across the border and into Tanzania.

You can see the Maragarazi River in the distance.

A funny aside - we slowly collected a following of children during our time at the cliffs. There is no doubt that Anthony's bag of candy had something to do with that.

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