Thanksgiving & Family Time

Ahhh... Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of the year. I put my DC adventuring on hold to return to Sunny California for the three Fs: Family, Friends and Food.

My first stop our of the San Diego Airport was Jalapeño's, a late night taco shop where I got my first burrito in two months. I went home and sat around with my sisters over Mexican food and a couple of beers and caught up.

Thanksgiving was the same-old same-old. If you think that I mean to say that it was boring, you obviously don't know what I do for Thanksgiving. We went over to my dad's parents' house for a bunch of family time. Our Georgia cousins had flown out and we filled that house with conversation and laughter while emptying it of food. We did Thanksgiving dinner around 3:00pm. My family then headed over to my mom's parents' where we ate a second Thanksgiving dinner and doubled the good old family time. Amazing.

The day after Thanksgiving, I took my teen-aged cousins (I can't believe how old they've gotten!) to the La Jolla Tide Pools with my sisters. It was 75 degrees and beautiful. I worked really hard to remember then sun because I won't be getting anymore in DC.

Saturday I helped another cousin (on the other side of the family) move into a new house and then did a whirlwind friend visit. I had dinner with my buds Kevin and Jessie and got a chance to see two other high school friends at a local bar.

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