Ten Years

Ten years ago today I packed my bags and moved away from California in search of a new life and a new career. I’m not sure that I can express how scary that first move was. Each subsequent move (Bologna, Madrid, Bujumbura, Barcelona) has gotten easier and my future, once uncertain, has become a wonderful present, with an amazing wife, an awesome baby, a dream career, and a caring community in DC and around the globe.

Thank you to Lilli Tnaib who took a chance on an intern candidate from California.

Thank you to Amy, John and Lisa who let me crash on your couch (and patio) for two weeks because I had no roots in my new city. And Frie, thanks for introducing me to your spectacular group of friends.

Thank you to Ryan Cunningham for giving me a heads up when a place opened up in your house. One of the best places I’ve ever lived.

Thank you to the United Friends, the Kitten Mittons trivia team, the Taco Tuesday club and my colleagues at UNHCR for making that first year in DC ten years ago one of the most exciting and significant years of my life.

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