I was invited to a Halloween pumpkin carving party.

Isn't that how most stories begin? On Friday, I went with my friend Katharine to pick up pumpkins for carving. After doing some serious pumpkin evaluation, we found one awesome pumpkin with a lot of character. That's when we found my squash. It was (is) this weird, green gourd thingie with a long, tubey top. Pictures to come soon (a la Matt Spitz).

Saturday, we made our way to the abode of Katie, a friend from high school were a got to meet a bunch of her cool friends and enjoy her awesome view of the DC from her Chinatown rooftop.

My squash gourd was slowly transformed into a grinch-looking squash-o-lantern, and Katharine really failed to make her pumpkin look mean, but succeeded in making a really friendly, happy jack-o-lantern!

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