Seattle Shenanigans

After Cady and Victor's wedding, a bunch of us drove up to Seattle to hang out with Seattle friends and our friend Plotz, who drove up from Portland. We spent some time at a beach near the Lake Washington locks and i was pleasantly surprised by the day's warmth and general sunniness. After a dinner that involved an inchworm, we watched the Hangover at an outdoor community theater. Later that night we chilled at an awesome bar that had shuffle board and darts and giant mugs of delicious beer.

On Sunday, after a day at the Seattle Zoo, I found myself eating some pretty bomb Thai food at a park on Angle Lake, listening to a funk band. Seattle is really awesome and I would totally live there, but I know that it's trying to trick me because every time I'm not visiting, it is depressingly cloudy and rainy all the time. You can't pull a fast one on me, Seattle.

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