SantaCon 09

So, my plan for the weekend was Tuba Christmas. However, our friend Pfunk convinced us to play at SantaCon 09 on Saturday as well. I thought, why not? I imagined Lori, Pfunk and myself playing Christmas carols in some convention center as Santas walked by on the way to different lap-sitting and present-promising workshops.That was not at all what SantaCon was.

SantaCon is not a convention. It's a movement. Santas began congregating in five different spots outside of Manhattan (the five boroughs maybe?) and slowly moved through bars and subways until they converged in Manhattan. We met up with some Santas in Brooklyn and started playing Christmas music on our baritone horns. People loved it. We ended up leading a contingent of about 20 Santas to a bar in the East Village. There is no set schedule for SantaCon, so when other Santas saw our Santas tweeting about the bar we were at, they came too. Groups of Santas just kept entering, and everytime we would yell, "Look! It's Santa Claus!" By the time there were about 50 Santas in the bar, it got pretty rowdy, with people singing (yelling) impromptu Christmas carols.

At 3:00pm, we went to Washington Square park, where all the Santas from everywhere were meeting (all by word of mouth and Twitter, as far as I could tell). Lori and I obviously got in the middle of the Santas and led some amazing caroling. There must have been five hundred Santas there. It was amazing.

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