San Diego and the Little Sis

The past few days have been filled with a lot of family time and GRE studying. Kimi didn't come into town until Christmas Eve's Eve, so I spent a lot of time with just my youngest sister Jennifer. Usually, I either hang out with both of the sisters or none, so it was a new thing to have some one on one time with the girl I used to avoid at all costs when I was younger.

Jen has grown into a really awesome person and I can say that we're definitely friends. We've had a blast getting our groove on to music in the car while driving places and she's used her GRE expertise to help me prep for the GRE vocabulary session.

The few days before Christmas, I also had the chance to see some kids from high school that I rarely see... I hope to take advantage of all my time here to do more of that.

I'll probably say this again soon, but the weather in San Diego is ridiculously nicer than the weather on the east coast.

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