Participating in History

I remember my first election.

In 2003, California had asked its citizens to vote on whether to recall then-Governor Gray Davis, and if he were recalled, to vote on who would replace him. The unique nature of the race (only 65 signatures were required to become a candidate) led to a crazy slate of celebrities on the ballot including former child star Gary Coleman, author Arianna Huffington, porn magnate Larry Flint, and Angelyne, whose campaign slogan was "We've had Gray, we've had Brown, now it's time for some blond and pink." We ended up electing Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I also remember the 2008 election. I was worried about getting time off from work so that I could vote, but then the recession hit my company and I was laid off the day before the election.

I've done my best to exercise my civic duties while living abroad. In 2012, I voted from Madrid, thanks to California's technologically advanced ballot-by-email system. This year, I've done the same for both the primary and now the general election.

It's not so easy for everyone and I don't lecture expats abroad who don't vote - it's tough to do. But I write this to remind Bryan in the year 2066 that I voted in the historic election of 2016.

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