Osaka By Night: Yaki-Everything, Kawaii-Everything

We spent two nights in Osaka and had a chance to partake in the wonderful late night culture of the Shinasibashi district and all the wonderful food of the Kansai region of Japan.

Shinasibashi contains a fun pedestrian stretch with restaurants, arcades, stores and some weird establishments we won't talk about. On our first night in Osaka a few of the cousins hopped between restaurants sampling Okonomiyaki (a delicious savory pancake), Takoyaki (squid balls) and other tasty treats.

We also came across a lot of arcades, most of which host kawaii photo booths that make people kind of look like anime characters. You can't do Japan without doing at least some of the weird stuff.

My favorite thing about downtown Osaka was just how lively it was. There were lots of young men in suits who looked like they had just gotten off of work at 8 pm and were meeting up with friends for drinks and fun. There were shoppers and street performers and lots and lots of lights everywhere.

It was also wonderful to catch up with my cousins and be silly with Hannah. This isn't a life I get have as often anymore. I was happy to savor every moment. With the squid balls... not so much.

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