One Day In

I'll keep it succinct because nothing about my first full day was too terribly interesting except for the THUNDERSTORM!

Woke up, did awesome errands at GW (and by awesome, I mean I got all the things I needed done). I went to REI with Chase and Amy, and then I got home and did some work and apartment Craiglisting. I'm still struggling to figure out what my price range is. On one hand, I have money saved up, on the other, I'm functionally unemployed. Hmmm.

The best part of the day was the amazing THUNDERSTORM. I left the house for my GW errands and the sky looked really ominous. I just figured the sky always looks really ominous in DC. However, after completing my last academic errand, the clouds must have been hanging with Fat Joe and Lil Wayne because they made it rain. Wearing a t-shirt because of the heat, I obviously got soaked.

Tune in next time for apartment-hunting adventures!

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