Oh Wow!

I was just watching a dog playing with its owner in the lot across the street from my window. It was a pretty big Doberman Pinscher and seemed to be very happy to be outside (it was probably shut in all day yesterday during the snow). It was prancing around, but then it saw a person walking by on the street and it started running toward him. I was worried for a second that the dog was going to bite the passerby (Dobermans are always portrayed as bad dogs in Disney movies) but it ran past him and into the street.

The dog was immediately slammed by a taxi going 20 mph! What??? The Doberman must have flown 20 feet. I ran down the stairs to see if the owner was ok... it's really hard to watch your own dog get killed by a car, but when I got downstairs, he was petting his dog which apparently survived. I asked and his dog was ok.

Wow. If you want a dog that'll put a dent in a taxi hood and walk away without a scratch, go with a Doberman Pinscher.

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