Oh hey, I'm moving to Italy! (The details)

So I finished my econ final on Tuesday and I realized, "Hey! I'm moving to another country for a year!" That is obviously a big deal for me, but there are some significant things that should concern you (my family, friends and randos who stumbled upon this blog):

1. My American phone is going bye-bye. I'm putting the number you know in storage. If you want to call me, you have a few options. Call my google voice number (202) 596-8385 and I can talk to you from my computer or you can leave me a voicemail. You can text me there as well! You can also find me on Skype (my s/n is bkschell). I stole an old USB camera from my parents' garage, so I can video-chat you as well either through Skype or Gchat.

2. My blog is going to change. Not that much, but it seems dumb to call this "Bryan's DC Adventure Blog" when my new adventures are definitely not in DC for the next few months. This is an open call for suggestions for a new name. Alliterations are preferred.

3. I'm going to be sending post-cards! Email me if you want me to send you one, and from where. Heck, I might go somewhere in Europe just to get you a post card, so go wild!

4. Come visit. I am willing to pretty much go anywhere in Europe or North Africa to meet up with you if you're willing to fly across the Atlantic. I know it's expensive, so if I don't see you, don't worry, we'll still be friends. (But how awesome would it be to go skiing in the Alps with me this December?)

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