No Fun April

This is my first blog post I haven't written really late and backdated in a while. Maybe I should resubscribe to Procrastinators Monthly. Maybe.

Procrastination and motivation are the conflicting themes of the month of April for me. I have an opportunity to make some bones and also work with my old boss and mentor Ana on a project this month. The project involves me writing a ton of web content and working 35 - 40 hours a week from home.

I'll be cutting down on UNHCR time, probably only going into the UN 2-3 days a week this month. The rest of the time - including weekends and most nights, I'll be working on my computer from home. This sounds like a sweet deal except that when I sit on my personal laptop by myself for 8 hours a day, I get procrastination fever. Suddenly, I need a ton of breaks to check facebook and Hopefully I'll be able to survive the distractions in the month of April and totally own this project. We'll see.

Until then, I plan on being pretty boring so don't expect too many fun stories from me this month.

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