New York, Part 2

This last weekend I went back to New York for the second weekend in a row. Two more friends, Liz and Eric were coming into town and considering that I won't be moving back to California any time soon, I decided it would be nice to see them. The weekend was filled with NY style pizza and a plentiful helping of bagels. Saturday evening, we watched the Stanford - USC game at my friend Matt's house with a room full of rowdy, raucus Stanford fans. It was awesome. Matt had a housewarming party afterward, making for a great night.

On Sunday, we went to the natural history museum, where they had a whole display about what I've been trying to warn people for years: BIRDS ARE DINOSAURS!

We finished out the weekend at this awesome place called Shake Shack and I got some awesome burgers and shakes (well, actually, just one of each) for the road. Thanks New York, you've been great. I'll see you in December for Tuba Christmas!

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