New York, Part 1

This last weekend, I took the Boltbus to New York. This is just the first of two New York trips in a row because I have friends flying out both weekends and I am motivated by guilt. My old roommate Mike would say that I should convert to Catholicism because apparently they're all about that guilt stuff.

I got into the city a bit before midnight - enough time to grab a beer with some friends at a bar in the East Side.

Saturday morning, I had a great brunch with some more kids and a dad before we headed out for Gusto! in Central Park. It was a great game of Gusto! despite the fact that we had to tamper with the rules a bit to accommodate some dumb NY law about not hitting little soccer-playing kids with baseballs during certain seasons. It started out a little chilly (hence the coffee cups, obviously), but the day evolved into a rare warm November day with the sun smiling down on us all.

We called last inning at Gusto! just as the Stanford-Oregon football game was beginning. I'm not sure if you follow sports or miracles, but my alma mater just broke into a winning season for the first time since 2001. It was a big deal. We watched and cheered from a bar near Central Park called Mollie Pitcher's.

I ditched the Stanford kids for a bit to have dinner with my best friend, his fianceé and a friend of theirs. We had a blast, first with a delicious sushi dinner followed by drinks.

Sunday, I met up with yet another New York couple in Brooklyn (by the way, Brooklyn has this awesome family feel. I would live there.) and took an awesome photo series before sitting down for a hipster brunch.

I finished up the weekend chilling in the grass in Central Park with some awesome kids. Overall, a great success of a trip.

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