New York, New York

For my second-to-last weekend in the States, I went to New York. Good way to do America, right?

I took the bus up early last Saturday to celebrate my best friend Duncan's birthday. His girlfriend (fiancee, actually) Amanda planned out an awesome day for him and was cool enough to invite me along. We began our day with a sail down the Hudson River on a sailboat Amanda had booked. Good marriage choice Duncan! After the sail, Amanda and her cousin went shopping so Duncan and I went a speakeasy that was hidden away in a hot dog restaurant in the East Village. I'd talk more about my awesome experience there, but I was asked to Please Don't Tell. We went to dinner and then hit up a martini bar. Sounds fun doesn't it? It was. Also expensive, but that's New York.

That night I got a text from my good friend Bryan (not me, the other one) and I realized that I was about to leave the country without seeing any of my other friends in New York. Sunday morning, I changed my bus ticket from a 10:00am Sunday departure to a 7:00am Monday departure. I had lucked out anyway because Hillary Clinton was speaking at SAIS so my Monday class had been postponed. In the midst of an econ class, I can tell you that the marginal utility I get from Hillary Clinton is nowhere the marginal utility I get from my friends, so I stayed in New York.

Sunday morning, I also went to a service in Brooklyn where my friend Matt was playing with the Revelation Gospel Praise Team. Lemme tell you, that guy just goes from from one awesomely-named band to another. Then we went back to the East Village and bought food for my AMAZING REUNION DINNER! We had a bunch of school friends over at Matt's and had some general good times.

I am going to miss all my New York people, and hopefully some of them will come visit me next year. Monday morning, I took the early Chinatown bus back to DC - or so I thought. After a nap, I awoke to find our bus in Philadelphia's Chinatown. Then Baltimore's Chinatown. There are downsides to riding a Chinatown bus. I arrived back in DC around noon and started a new week of economics.

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