New Week, New House

Hey kids,

Lots of news. I started my sublet and last night was the first night I've slept in a bed in about two weeks. My roommate, Rochi, is this awesome Argentine who agreed to help me get my Spanish back. She's extremely nice.

The big news is that I found a place! A genuine, permanent place! The rent is affordable, the location is sweet (coincidentally, 1 block from where I'm staying right now) and I'll be living with someone I know. Ryan Cunningham, an old friend from high school who grew up on my street just happened to have a roommate who got married and was moving out. Timing worked out and I moved in.

Work is cool, I got to sit in and listen to a meeting of representatives from all the UN's DC offices and on Thursday, I'm going to get to take notes at a Congressional hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Pretty excited. To paraphrase John Lennon, things are coming together, right now...

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