National Museum Day

Saturday was National Museum Day. In celebration, my new friend Katharine (who is super awesome) and I went to check out some DC museums.

We started out at the American History Museum where we learned about the history of transportation and decided that presidents have been generally good looking men since Gerald Ford. But Gerald Ford...

Next stop was the Natural History Museum, which is where all of Washington DC's dinosaurs and whales live. Two observations from the natural history museum:

1. Animals from other periods of time look really silly. Why were the horses so small? Why was everything else so gigantic and awkward-looking? And what's the deal with every animal having unnecessarily large teeth?

2. Someone at the museum who makes all the signs and placards has a penchant for apocalyptic onomatopoeia (yeah, I typed that). There were a whole bunch of signs referencing extinction events (both past and future) using words like "POW!" and "BAM!" Example: "Mammals kept a pretty low profile during the Mesozoic era until -WHAM!- the dinosaurs were killed off in a major extinction event and mammals began to fill the empty niches the dinosaurs left behind."


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