Movie Fun Failure

I've spent a lot of time writing for my online content project this month, so this weekend I felt like I deserved a little break.

A bunch of SAIS Bologna kids were going to go see "gli Amici del Bar Margherita" at an independent theater in the outskirts of DC. After being cooped up in my room for three days writing web content, I was excited to have some real human interaction (or at least watch some). I left my house a little late, only giving myself 45 minutes to get there. This was a mistake because the Metro was running on some weird schedule because of construction stuff.

I ended up not getting to the theater until 5 minutes after the movie started, which wouldn't have been too bad except that the movie was sold out. I took a picture of the theater to remember the fun I might have had. Sigh.

As luck would have it, I managed to run into my friend Katharine near the metro station on the way back and we chatted for a bit, so the trip wasn't all failure. I guess I'll have to describe to you all what Bologna is like by living there instead of watching a movie set there. Darn.

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