Last week, my friend Katharine forwarded me a link. Apparently, the Kids Euro Festival is going on, and a part of that is a performance of the Moomins. Finnish cartoons from her childhood. Moomins? What are Moomins? I youtubed them and discovered this (watch it all):

After that terrifying experience, I was a bit apprehensive, but decided we should go see these Moomins alive in all their strange, Finnish glory. On Sunday, we headed over to the Finnish embassy, which looks like it was constructed out of chicken wire, but is actually very pleasant on the inside.

We found some pillows in the floor among a sea of five-year-olds and got weird looks from parents until a sudden haunting harmonica sound struck out. A middle-aged man in a funny green outfit (Snufkin) came out, playing the harmonica. He was soon joined by a giant costumed badger-like creature (Moomintroll) and they played the Moomin theme song.

It's really weird. They were joined by a fox character and a woman with ridiculous eyebrows and a ridiculous red wig. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time. Although I'm pretty sure that I'm glad I grew up on Sesame Street and Looney Toons, I have a lot of respect for what these people do. Weird, but wonderful.

Also, I got a European Union snap bracelet. Thanks, Europe!

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