London for Six Hours!

I had the grand wisdom of scheduling my flight through London and not realizing until a month ago that my arrival airport was different from my departure airport. Luckily, I had scheduled a 6 hour layover in the city, originally in the hopes of exploring for a bit, but in the end, this just gave me time to get from Heathrow Airport to Gatwick Airport on the other side of the city.

Even in a country where I spoke the language, I felt like a total idiot. I was able to negotiate the transfer successfully, but made the poor choice of attempting to eat some Japanese food in the Gatwick terminal. Do not eat British Japanese food. At least not at the airport.

Britain is like I imagined it would be. Kind of rainy, but mostly friendly people. I'm sure I'll be back to have a real experience instead of a stereotyped layover.

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