Introduction to a New Chapter in Bryan's Life

This week I found out that I had been accepted to The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Of the schools that I applied to this year, it was absolutely my first choice. It was also the school I didn't think I would get into due to the extreme ridiculousness of the SAIS students and alums that I have met.

Anyway, I got in, and I'm very excited. The program I applied for spends the first year in SAIS's Bologna, Italy campus and then the second year is spent in the Washington, DC campus. It will be cool to live abroad (something I didn't have a chance to do as an undergrad) and it will be cool to be a student again. Mostly, it's cool to be successful again. In the past year I've dealt with a lot of disappointment and uncertainty (thanks recession) and it's just really nice to know what I'm doing for the next year or two. Thanks to my sister Jennifer who helped me study for the GRE, to my old professors and employers who wrote me sweet letters of recommendation, and to my friends and family for supporting me in my quarter-life crisis that ended up in me moving across the country to pursue an interest in which I had no experience. So yeah. Come visit me in Italy. I leave on August 26.

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