How Would You Like Your Event? Well Done?

So, after years (more like weeks) of intense planning, we finally hosted the Nansen Award Ceremony, which I told you about earlier. What to say about it? It was an incredibly swanky event in the pavilion room of the Ronald Reagan Building. We had world-renowned operatic singer Barbara Hendricks perform (I got to escort her around the city. She's very nice).We had congressmen, ambassadors and the Kennedy family in attendance. We had John Dau and Ann Curry speak (to name a few). We had a string quartet. We had amazing hors d'voures (which I didn't have time to eat but I heard they rocked).

The best part was that I was able to be intimately involved in planning this wonderful event and it was fun as heck. We showed this great video to honor Senator Kennedy and his work with refugees and his widow, Victoria Kennedy, gave a touching acceptance speech.

It was the most well-planned, well-run event I've ever been involved in and I learned a lot. Thanks, TK. This one was for you.

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