How to Choose a School

After work today I went to a panel at SAIS titled, "A New United Nations Path to Peace? The Practice and Promise of the Peacebuilding Commission."

It was a pretty interesting discussion of the (relatively) new UN Peacebuilding Commission. Afterwords at the reception I ended up talking to this guy who is a student at the Elliott School and I asked him about choosing IR schools. Most of what he told me gave me extreme tour guide deja vu - "Talk to lots of students and ask them about their experiences."

A particularly helpful piece of advice then was presented: Unlike undergrad, you know what you're interested in now, so find the professors who do the most interesting stuff and apply to the schools where they teach classes.

What that means for me? I'm going to go to a lot more panels, hearings and talks like the one today to narrow down the subjects that I'm very passionate about and the rest will be smooth sailing.

...either that or go to The Rock, Paper, Scissors Academy.

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