Holding Pattern

Today was supposed to be our last day in Barcelona.

The State Department put a freeze on all international transfers for Foreign Service Officers a while back, so we're waiting out the uncertainty.

We've been dealing with a lot, powerlessly, with the politicization of COVID-19 (in both Spain and the United States), the rise of misinformation, the death of my grandpa, continued examples of systemic racism in America making me feel discouraged, our valiant but amateur attempts to teach Lucia how to fall asleep by herself, social isolation, and a looming economic recession. Add a layer of uncertainty to these small problems and gigantic problems alike, and it's made for a tough few weeks.

As the world swells and convulses around us, we continue to spend most days in the apartment with Lucia. The daily growth of her understanding of the world, her little baby teeth, and her personality are the fuel that keep this family running.

The current plan is that we'll return to the United States at some time in July (unless the State Department says otherwise again), quarantine for a bit in an AirBnB to not infect anyone with our European germs, and then spend the uncertain short term future at Hannah's folk's place until (and if) I need to start in-person work in my next position. Stay tuned. I know I will be.

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