Hi Wooley!

My friend Wooley had been planning his return visit to Spain for months. He was going to go to Grenada and then we were going to meet up in Valencia for Las Falles. As the covid-19 situation in Spain got more complicated, his fellow travelers dropped out of the trip, but Wooley resolved to press on. I kept him updated on the latest news in Spain as he weighed whether he should take his trip - in the end, he decided to go.

While he was on his flight to Germany, President Trump announced the surprise travel ban. On his onward flight to Granada, the Spanish president declared a state of alarm and the regional government of Catalunya asked permission to close the airport in Barcelona. By the time Wooley got to Granada, the Alhambra was closed and it was looking increasingly likely that he might be stuck there. Hannah did a great job of researching flights for Wooley while I followed the accelerating developments and plotted the possibility of driving the eight hours to go get him.

In the end, Wooley found a flight out of Spain with a layover in Barcelona, so I went to go meet up with him and bring him a beer, some latex gloves and a bag of girl scout cookies.

This is a reminder in case ten years from now Wooley or I ever try to claim that we were responsible or saw the pandemic coming.

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