Hannah and the Hippos

On Hannah's birthday I woke up early to buy her flowers and make her a fresh breakfast. After breakfast, we drove to Rusizi National Park, which is only about 25 minutes outside of Bujumbura. We rented a boat and a guide to take us around the Rusizi river delta.

We saw a bunch of hippo families from pretty close up. Those animals are so big, and to see them in the wild, doing their own thing rather than in a zoo was really a treat.

There were also so many beautiful birds, whole flocks of them exploding out of the foliage as our boat passed.

We made our way down to where the river flows into Lake Tanganyika and the border between the brown river water and the blue lake water is very stark.

We chatted with a fisherman who had a giant fish in his canoe.

Near the end of the tour, we boated by the outskirts of the village of Gatumba, and little naked children waved at us from the shore.

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