Great Falls

I ran into my good friend John on the way back from work and he invited me to go hiking with him this weekend. Since I hadn't gotten any use out of my hiking boots since I moved out here, I enthusiastically took him up on the offer.

After a temporary car-trouble setback, we drove out to Great Falls today, which is somewhere up the Potomac River from DC. Forgive me if my geography on the East Coast sucks. I'm working on it.

We put in a nice 5-6 miles over some rock-scrambling terrain on what turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. It was still around 30 or 40 degrees, but you won't find this San Diegan complaining today! We had some great views of the Potomac and a very leafless forest. Coming from a Californian camping perspective, John and I both need to get used to these deciduous forests. Some pictures, courtesy of John and his technology:

Oh yeah... we went to this awesome sandwich place in Georgetown afterwards where I seriously had the best sandwich of my life. I'll try to remember what the place was called.

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