Furniture Scramble Play-by-Play


On my way home, I walk by a giant pile of stuff (furniture, clothes, etc.) outside of an apartment building. I guess someone died or got evicted or won the lottery.


I spot a really sweet gigantic dresser and a very comfortable looking couch.


After briefly considering trying to carry 200 pounds of stuff on my back, I realize that I have some other scavenger competition. I hurry home.


I pull out my super nifty iPhone with its super niftyZipCar iPhone appand reserve a car while walking the rest of the way home.


I get home and change into my power moving clothes.


I pick up a truck from a ZipCar location blocks from my house and drive back to the pile of stuff.


Other scavengers have made off with smaller pieces of furniture, but no one has been able to get a car to the pile yet. I show up and awkwardly lift a giant couch and a giant wooden dresser into the truck.


After dropping the furniture off in my front yard, I return the ZipCar. This whole adventure has cost me $7.


I return home to discover that my roommates are home and cool to help me carry this furniture up two flights of stairs.


After much grunting and a testosterone-induced plan that ended up with our front door being un-installed, my stuff is in my room!


I become very nervous that I may have inadvertently introduced bedbugs into our home.

Bedbugs or no, I now have a fully functional room. In two hours I have become the KING OF THE SCAVENGERS!

*12/2/2009 Update: We don't have bedbugs. False alarm!

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