Flip Into Student Mode

This week I started my online Principles of Economics course. Why am I starting classes for SAIS in May? Well, there's a story.

My junior year at Stanford, I decided to take Principles of Economics out of interest. Because I was in the middle of a busy quarter, I took the pass/fail grading option so I could just learn without having to stress too much about getting an A. By the end of the quarter, I forgot that I had done this, studied hard and got an A on the final. On my end of quarter transcript, I was surprised and slightly amused to find that I had received a P instead of my expected A.

Flash forward three years and I was applying to SAIS, which is a very economics focused school. One of the big pre-requisites for applying was a B or higher in Principles of Economics. I realized that I would have to take it again. If you read my blog, you know that I took Principles of Macroeconomics last fall at George Washington and did well because I was competing against undergrads in a class I had already taken. Before matriculating to SAIS, I still need Microeconomics, so I'm taking an online class offered through SAIS that started on Monday and goes until mid-July.

Although I've already taken the class, it'll be good to brush up and get back in student mode. Plus, taking a class this way is super futuristic, and I love the future.

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