Fears and Solutions

I spent most of yesterday working from Caribou Coffee, and then I went to go check out an apartment. Don't tell the lady, but I didn't like the digs and they were too expensive. I think I'd like to hold out for a place I truly like.

Pursuit of Happyness was on last night, and watching it made me a bit nervous about my situation. The scene when Will Smith has to sleep in a subway bathroom with his kid always gets to me. I had to actually remind myself that I have a lot more resources, opportunities and friends than he did. Still, it made me worried about my lack of housing and unpaid internship.

Part of my fears were allayed around midnight, when a random Craigslist check popped out a request for a September subletter in Capitol Hill. For $600, I could sublet in this house that's near everything, for a whole month. I could put all my bags which are currently in the back of John Chase's truck in a closet, which would be convinient. The best part is that I could take my time looking for places and not be forced to settle for a less than optimal situation, which would be awesome. By late September, renters might even start to get desperate, and I might get a good deal!

Anyway, the potential sublet guy has been very communicative and we seem to click. I'm going to meet him and his roommates tonight at 7pm and we'll see how it goes. Yay!

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