Farewell California

To my beloved state,

After 24 years of grateful residence, I'm unfortunately leaving for the East Coast.

For all of you who followed my adventure this March, I finally realized earlier this year what I wanted to do with my life. I started to apply for jobs at think tanks and non-profits in an area I'm passionate about: International Relations. After a short stint applying for the US Foreign Service (I passed the exam but am too underqualified to get past the next step), I got a summer internship at a great non-profit called explore.org in San Francisco.

Wait what about D.C.?

I realized at some point this spring that the vast majority of jobs I was applying to and found interesting were in our nation's capitol. I emailed a bunch of friends (thanks friends) who live in the area and the overwhelming consensus was that to get a career in D.C., I'd best come here. My plan since then was to come to D.C. in the fall, apply for Masters programs in IR, get a job, and follow my passion.

This summer, while working for explore, I was able to land:

1. A place to stay (well, not really, but I'm crashing on my friends Amy and John's couch for a week).

2. Something to learn (I applied to the George Washington University non-degree program. I'll be taking a last prerequisite before I apply to masters programs).

3. Something to do (I got a sweet internship at the UN High Commission on Refugees although it is unfortunately unpaid).

So all I really have to do is find a real place to live and a job. That's the adventure part! I hope to share with you my semi-idealistic quest to pursue my dream in a new city where I don't know many people. It really sucked to leave California, my friends, my family - the people I love. Some of the goodbyes were the saddest I've ever had. I will miss everyone dearly and I hope that by sharing my life in this small way we can still keep up.

Stay tuned as I take my whole life (pictured), move it across the country and try to start a new home in a place I've never really been. Fortunately, it's going to be an adventure, and that's what I do.

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