DC On My Own

I'm getting into a good rhythm with my trips to DC.

This time around, I stayed a bit longer in a wonderful microhotel called Hive. It's like a nice hotel, but very small. It's still expensive to stay in a hotel for a week, but it's about 4x more expensive to live here in DC rather than periodically commuting from NY, so I'll take it.

I did a lot more work stuff this time and lemme tell ya - working from an empty office is just as lonely as working from home.

I also got to see a few friends, which was really nice. Not seeing friends and family has been the toughest part of this pandemic for me.

I was in town when President Trump contracted COVID-19 and passed more than one pro-Trump rally when biking near the Mall. I took pictures for posterity.

I took some time one of my nights in DC to walk around the tidal basin and visit the Roosevelt Memorial - a powerful monument to a different difficult period and to the bravery of the Americans who rose above it. Will people look back on 2020 and say we were brave?

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