DC Bicycle Adventure

I decided on Sunday to do a little DC exploring by bike. The plan was to explore north into Columbia Heights and Woodley Park, bike west to the Potomac, and then follow the river down to the Mall/Monument area.

I got about two miles when I saw a woman carrying a heavy bookshelf down a street. If you know me at all, you know that I'm into helping people (that whole Boy Scout "Do a Good Turn Daily" thing), so I turned my bike around and asked if she needed help. It turned out she was only going three more houses, so she didn't need help, but she thanked me and alerted me to a house a street up that was giving away furniture. Furniture? I need furniture!

I'm moving into a new, large, unfurnished room this week and I need to fill it. I ended up getting a pretty sweet dresser for free. The only problem was I had to lock my bike to a road sign and take the dresser onto the Metro back to my house. My arms are still kind of tired.

After walking back to my bike, I continued on my bike ride, but I kind of needed to cut it short. I went to Zipcar and picked up my new card, picked up a GRE book and finished off at the Lincoln Memorial. It was crawling so thick with tourists that it made me uncomfortably conscious of how similar people are to walruses, monkeys and birds in their ability to sit around in large groups, staring off into space. I think I'll go back again in the middle of the night in the dead of winter to pay Ol' Honest Abe a decent tribute.

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