Claudia Comes to Town

It's like Santa Claus is coming to town... except less presents.

My friend Claudia flew into DC last week for a medical school interview. On Thursday night, we hung out at the Pour House in Capitol Hill with what I'd like to start calling my DC crew. We'll see if that name sticks.

On Friday, Claudia and I met up with our friend Josh for lunch at the National Portrait Gallery and then when he went back to work, Claudia and I checked out exhibits on the vice presidents and the American West.

Friday night, we ventured over to Georgetown and met up with Jimmy, a friend from Stanford probably most famous as the lead singer of the Titanium Gods of Interstellar Funk. A great night was had by all as we transitioned from a student bar in Georgetown to dancing at the Lucky Bar in Dupont Circle. I got my weekend out of the way early, didn't I?

All in all, it was nice to have someone from California meet the people I've been meeting and see the sights I've been seeing. It helps me realize that this is all for real.

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